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_The Greatest Lost Band of the 1960s_

Scene 25



GLENN CAMPBELL and his mother, ARDELL CAMPBELL sit at a table across from ALFRED GLASER, who is talking at length about extra sensory perception and other esoteric topics. Glaser is 49 years old, smartly dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. On the table next to him he has a small pile of blue paperback books with the title in white letters: Answer To Why. He speaks articulately with a warm Southern accent, sometimes opening a copy of his book to indicate a relevant passage. Ardell is a good looking woman in her mid-40s, soft but with a strange intensity completely unlike any of the other adults seen in the film so far. She is dressed differently too: in a black roll-neck sweater and trousers. She has some kind of amulet around he neck.

While listening to Glaser she looks over occasionally at Glenn in a motherly way. She seems happy that he is eating something.

Glenn is a thin, waif-like youth with dark rings around his eyes; his hair is slicked back. He is eating a grilled cheese sandwich and drinking buttermilk in front of him. While he eats he is paying close attention to everything Glaser is saying. Ardell and Glaser aren't eating, just drinking coffee.

Extra Sensory Perception is an established fact. History is full of it. People around you are full of it. Scratch a human being and out pops unexplainable happenings they have personally witnessed.

I know, I know. I've experienced this all of my life.

You know it from personal experience, Ardell. And I've encountered it repeatedly in my work. The government has been secretly studying the power of ESP for years.
By this I mean published psychic happenings.


Glaser focuses his attention onto Glenn.

So Ardell tells me you're getting good on that pedal steel guitar.

Yeah! It seems I been a musician most of my life, since I was little; and I been experimenting with different sounds and frequencies on my steel.

Ya know, Glenn, you're more right than you think. Sound always effects all beings, for better or worse. I even mentioned it in my new book.

Glaser gives him a copy of the book take with him.

Gee! Thanks, Mr Glaser

Glenn takes the book and looks at the cover

The Answer to Why!?

There's more to life than you think, Glenn, so here's a good start. I hope you like it.

Glenn opens the book and starts reading the table of contents

Thanks Al, you know it's late and me and Glenn should be getting home. Glenn needs his sleep because of his health problems; if he doesn't get enough sleep he's susceptible to gettin sick.

She is very much the doting, over-protective mother but Glenn doesn't seem embarrassed by this at all; it's the way it's always been. He's anxious to get home anyway so he can read his new book. Ardell reaches into her purse to get some money, but Glaser indicates that he'll take care of the bill.

I want to sit awhile here and do a little late night 'people surveillance'. A little 'intelligence gathering', as we used to call it at the agency.

Scene 26


First he gets murdered - then his adventure begins

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